About myface.in

myface.in is a fast, simple and reliable video and image recording and hosting site that you can use to share your webcam image. Simply record your picture and 3 seconds to make a GIF inside your browser. That makes it the perfect site for fast linking to facebook®, twitter®, tumblr®, reddit®, Pinterest®, WhatsApp®, blogs, e-mail, Skype®, IM, and other websites.

Best of all: it's FREE!
To switch off ads and watermarks a premium version is coming soon.

How it works is you go to http://myface.in/rec/ give access to let the browser see your webcam and press the record button. Then the 3 seconds ges uploaded to our server, you can add some comments and we provide you with a simple URL (e.g. http://i.myface.in/tHiSGiF.gif) that is guaranteed to be unique. It will point to your, and only your, video or image. You can then copy and paste the link that we provide to share your pictures on your favorite sites all without having to upload your image or video all over again. That's it.

Share your face! Try it today!

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myface.in is owned and operated by cosmigo, a mobile software development company.

Contact us at contact@myface.in if you have have any questions or run across an offensive picture. About text adapted from tinypic.com